Revolutionary jacket for

Have you ever travelled without a backpack?

Move freely and unconstrained with all the gear within hands reach!

Headphone holder
Glasses pocket
Extended hoodie
Memory card pocket
Pocket for extra battery
Pocket for film
Camera compartment
Action camera pocket
Pocket for tablet
Phone pocket
Travel tripod compartment
Key holder
Cards pocket
Isolated lens compartment
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Top benefits


The first ever jacket with a specially designated space for light travel tripods. Works amazing for GorillaPod-type tripods, small telescopic tripods as well as action camera selfie sticks.


Water resistant pockets will ensure dry environment for your camera lenses. Moreover, pocket linings are soft, lens-friendly and can be used to clean the glass.


Uniquely designed hood allows extending the protection from rain to guard cameras or lenses from exposure to water.


Specialized pocket for camera can be reached without unzipping the main zipper, meaning instant protection from rain or dust as well as unrestricted movements when riding a bicycle or running.

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