We're a team of experienced designers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, adventurers and, most importantly, big fashion and photography lovers.


When we were at the drawing board, we were unbelievably concerned about ensuring our jackets were the highest quality we could make them. Too many companies have no problem contracting manufacturers with sketchy qualifications and a reputation of creating products that break after a few months. We decided to break the mold and go in a different direction. All Pixentu jackets are manufactured in a European production facility that’s known for creating some of the world’s top clothing brands. They adhere to E.U. labor and manufacturing laws, which are some of the strictest in the world. And we’re environmental nerds as well. After all, some of our best pictures were taken while we walked in beautiful, unspoiled natural areas. That’s why we picked a facility that’s powered by geothermal energy and follows a rigorous zero-emission standard. Just our small part to help the planet.