What is the temperature range that is suitable for wearing the jackets?

Please note that the temperature ranges provided in the comparison table for each type of PIXENTU jacket are recommendations only. It means that the right weathers conditions for PIXENTU depends on your other garments that you are wearing under this jacket. If you are warmly dressed, you can wear the jacket even at around minus temperature.

Is PIXENTU jacket water/windproof?

‘Street photography jacket’ (No 1) and ‘Outdoor jacket’ (No 2) are waterproof. ‘Travel blazer’ (No 3) is a water-resistant.

Is PIXENTU jacket machine washable?

Yes, PIXENTU jackets (‘Street photography jacket’ and ‘Outdoor jacket’) are made of machine washable materials, so you can easily machine wash them (at 30 degrees or lower). ‘Travel blazer’ jacket needs to be dry-cleaned only.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. All shipments to the USA, European Union will all be Duty-Free. This means that backers from these countries will not incur any import taxes.
For the shipping we are still exploring the options, but we will cooperate with one or more well-known service providers between DHL, FedEx, DPD, UPS, Royal Mail.